Glengarry Landowners' Association no longer associated with Ontario Landowners' Association

September 13, 2012

Effective immediately, the Glengarry Landowners' Association (GLA) has removed itself from the Ontario Landowners' Association (OLA).

The GLA has done so for two reasons.

  1. The OLA continues to mislead its membership about the value of Crown Letters Patent as property rights protection.

  2. The OLA has completely departed from its original mandate: provincial legislation that recognizes property rights, and the enshrinement of property rights in the Constitution of Canada.

The Glengarry Landowners' Association has always, and always will, operate with the best interests of it's members in the forefront, which is why we felt we had to make this move.

Ian Cumming, President

Jamie MacMaster, Director

Shawn McRae, Director

Ken Turnbull, Director

Lois MacMaster, Director

Jim Picken, Director

Roy MacMaster, Director

Glengarry Landowners' Association

The Glengarry Landowners Association is made up of a group of conscientious land owners - you - who are concerned about the welfare of land in Ontario. Not only for what that land means to you today, but what it means to future generations.

This land has been cared for and entrusted to the people of Ontario for generations. Under your care this land has prospered. Under your care this land has made Ontario strong.

The government wants to change all that. The government wants to bring in more regulations and laws concerning property rights until property owners no longer have a say about their own land. Until the people of Ontario no longer have a say about their own land. Until you no longer have a say about your own land.

The Glengarry Landowners Association feels property owners are the best stewards for the land in Ontario.

Those stewards are you.

The Glengarry Landowners Association is you.

Have your say about your land. Join the Glengarry Landowners Association.

Glengarry Landowners' Views

  • We want property rights entrenched in the constitution.
  • We want full and timely compensation for lands expropriated or designated habitat.
  • We want the right to refuse entry to our lands unless a warrant or just cause is shown.
  • Private property will not be rezoned, re-disignated, or re-classified in any manner that limits the natural and private use of property without the owners' prior written consent.

  • Landowners Adopt “Members Only” Response Policy

    North Glengarry, 22 June, 2008

    Effective the 30th of June, The Glengarry Landowners’ Association (GLA) will adopt a “members only” policy in response to requests for assistance from farmers who run into problems with government regulators.

    The Directors adopted the new policy because they are all volunteers, and feel that their limited amounts of time and energy have to be reserved for the membership.

    On the 30th of June the McGuinty Government’s Endangered Species Act will be enacted, and the GLA anticipates that within a fairly short period the regulations will start to affect Glengarry’s rural community. With 42 species already on the endangered lists – and another 180 soon to be added – the GLA directors feel that there will be a substantial increase in calls for assistance.

    GLA president Ian Cumming explained that the “members only” policy is not only necessary, but fair: “Let’s say you had a car accident and you didn’t have insurance. Would you expect an Insurance Broker to allow you to buy retroactive coverage the day after you've had the accident? And if the Broker did that, would the people who have paid up their premiums be happy with his decision? The fact is, we've been around for several years, so it's not as if farmers haven't had a chance to join.”

    The Landowners will be holding a public meeting in August and memberships may be renewed or purchased at that time. GLA memberships may also be purchased on-line or by contacting a GLA director.

    For Information

    Ian Cumming.

    613 577-2949

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